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Flexible and smart – “MyVoice1300” from Hama


Hama “MyVoice1300” Bluetooth mono headset

Have your hands free when phoning, no matter where you are. This works very comfortably with the “MyVoice1300” wireless headset from Hama.

The “MyVoice1300” is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth; the multifunction button allows direct access – without the user having to hold the phone. What’s special about the Hama “MyVoice1300” is the facility to take calls directly and hang up using the magnetic charging station. Simply take out the headset to accept a call, replace it to end the call.

In addition, cVc 6.0 technology improves speech quality at the microphone and reduces ambient noise, so that the other person hears only your voice. The charging station is rotatable by 180 degrees and can be used to charge the headset via USB, for example, in the car or on a notebook.

It supports the voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant, which makes operation even more comfortable. In addition, the headset can be connected to two smartphones at the same time. This is practical if, for example, you would like to use the headset with a private phone and a business phone. Standard features include a headset status announcement in English and silicone earpads in three different sizes. Direct volume control and a talk time of four hours round off the features of the “MyVoice1300”.