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What Cooler is Right for You, CPU air cooler, AIO or Custom Loop ??


We are looking at CPU Air coolers from fan cooling to AIO’s and custom loops to see what the best solution might be for your system and budget. Which in my opinion is more effective and better value for money.

From Air coolers like the Be Quiet Dark Rock 4  which offers an extreme cooling performance of 200W TDP and virtually inaudible operation, absolutely perfect for overclocked systems and demanding workstations.

Includes a Silent Wings 135mm PWM fan featuring nine airflow-optimized fan blades, a six-pole motor for less vibration and a durable fluid-dynamic bearing. Decoupled fan mounting with vibration-isolating elements on the heat sink.

To Aio’s like the Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 360 TT AIO Water-Cooling CPU Cooler which boasts an amazing performance and superior quality with the large surface radiator, plus high-performance water block and pump promises efficient CPU cooling.

Also, the water block and the fans are designed with multiple addressable LEDs that can be controlled by the patented TT RGB PLUS Software and AI interactive voice control. Futhermore, within the software allow users to track CPU temperatures and monitor fan performance.

To Custom watercooling like the ThermaltakePacific M360 Plus D5 Hard Tube Water/Diy Liquid Cooling Kit which is an efficient, yet quality liquid cooling solution for all watercooled gaming systems.

Inside you will find a W4 RGB CPU waterblock, PR22-D5 pump/reservoir combo, RL360 radiator, C1000 Pure Clear coolant, 3 Riing 12 RGB fans, 6 C-Pro compression fittings, 2 adapter fittings, 4 PETG hard tubes and other accessories.

At Mxdout

we have taken a look at all of the above and while they are all impressive parts, what you choose for your PC really does depend on a few factors like budget, performance, space and experience.

If you are’nt the most experienced PC builder than an AIO or CPU fan cooler would of course be the best solution for you and your PC, minimal effort to install and less chance of splliages and parts being made redunant.

If however you are an experienced PC builder and fancy a challenge then Custom watercooling is for you, the rewards from actually creating a sucessful loop to the colours and parts you can explore make custom watercooling extremely rewarding.

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