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What If? – Apple Made A Gaming PC ??

Would it be awesome or a complete flop. What do you think? Is having a Hackintosh better so you have the best of both worlds?

Would they take over the gaming industry with a computer that is as powerful as a microsoft PC but with the looks of an Apple Mac?

As much as I’d like to see Macs with better GPUs for gaming, I’m not at all certain that it’s worth the effort on Apple’s part to go after hard-core gamers. They are a niche market, even in Windows, and I am not even sure how many of them would buy a Mac designed for gaming even if one were available right now.
It seems to me that serious gamers who want to get every last ounce of power out of their computers will almost always want to build their own machine. That way they have complete control over every piece of hardware, and they can replace components whenever they wish to do so.

I just don’t see those kinds of folks moving over to OS X on Macs. They would have to give up far too much control to Apple over the components in their gaming system, and no matter what Apple did it probably would not satisfy them.

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