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Evnbetter xcd 2 slimline & light control – The Best RGB’s EVER !!!

Evnbetter released their XCD line of ARGB LED’s and we have them here for review!

These LED’s are incredibly bright and effective , especially inside your PC case!

There are many different modes to choose from including flashing, strobe, microphone audio and the classic static.

Light Control Box

Features Overview

  • Illuminated plug and play controller with a 32 bit high end microprocessor
  • Synchronises your lighting from both inside and outside of you computer case
  • Integrated high sensitivity microphone
  • 15 pre-installed, changeable effects with a wide range of colours
  • Magnets at the bottom for mounting on metallic surfaces inside your case.
  • Cable connecting the light box is hiding inside of sleeve
  • The base is made from rubber, this is to protect your case and also to stop it from slipping and scratching.

XCD 1.03 Baseline


  • Dimensions: 1cm (w) x 60cm (l) x 0.2cm
  • LED Count: 24
  • LED Specs: Digital RGB SK6812, 3 pin/+5V, DATA, GND
  • Current: 0.86A
  • Wattage: 4.3W
  • Magnets: 8

So, Evnbetter sent us over some RGB LED’s to try out. I did get a little bit confused as to why they had sent them but that’s not the point. I’m just going go through what we going to be expecting from the 4 different types of LED’s we were sent and why they’re so different to each other, along with trying out the control box.

With LED strips, we don’t expect much from apart from how good their RGB’s are, how bright it’ll come out, etc. So first off, the strips are accompanied with different types of had adhesives to hold them down such as 1.03 Baseline 60, these are the smaller strips, like the ones that usually come with computer cases as this comes. They already have magnets placed inside of them, but they do come with along adhesives metal strips to attach to your computer, if you didn’t want to use the ones from the strips themselves. The other three strips such as 2.04 slimline 180, 2.02 slimline 45 and 3.04, do come with aluminum mounting clips due to them being a lot bigger.

It has been said that these LED strips can use any software that is installed onto your computer, meaning that if your motherboard is RGB and synchronises with the strips, then Software that is there to change the RGB lights on your motherboard can also change the LED lighting on your strip. This is would make it more satisfying for you as you can whatever colour or effect running through your strip.

Lastly, the control box and this is the one that comes with the 2.02 slimline 45. The control box is another great way to control all of the RGB, as it does come with about 15 pre-installed light modes, 12 different colours to choose from. This is a great idea because this control box can situated in the front part of your case as it does have a magnet bottom, all you would have to do it take the front off and change RGB colours and effects to what you want without having any trouble. You can also change both the brightness and speed, everyone has their own preference to what we like and you have the option to play with that.

So, here’s what i thought about the Evnbetter XCD RGB LED lights and control box. I was quite surprised that i even received them, to be honest. okay, so straight off the bat, i do love the packaging that they come in, very easy to open and i love how everything is positioned, looks great. Loving the quirky instructions that come with each packaging, there’s a gradient that goes from corner to other side while going from white to the colour of the package they came in.

1.03 baseline 60 light strip looks very old school and look exactly like the strips you can get that comes with computer cases, it does feel very premium though. So, once i’ve plugged the strip in and may i say that it was very easy to set up, it was very quick and easy to plug into the motherboard.

I was so shocked to see how bright the RGB’s were once the light strip came one, i was not expecting that. There are two strips, so this will help give your case me colour if you are into RGB. It does only come with one effect, but this can all change as you can use the software that is provided with your RGB motherboard, that’s if you have one. All you need to do, is load up the software you and that’s when you can start playing around with what type of effects and colours you want to have displayed throughout your case. The light strips are magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about how to store them inside your case.

The next product i decided to have a look at was the light control box that came with two light strips but there’s a twist, the light strips at that are provided are about 45cm long and an inch wider. You can still store these strips inside of your case but they will take up more space but these strips can also be placed on the outside of your case if you wish to. I was not expecting these strips to be bigger, i thought that they would be like the last, but obviously they aren’t.

When looking at the control box, i honestly thought it would be a lot bigger due to the packaging of the box as it is quite big, so it was a surprise to open the box to see such a small thing. It is a good idea to have a smaller control box as it would make it much more easier to store into the corners of the computer case and to have it out of site if you wish to do so. You don’t have to have it hidden though because there is RGB displayed inside of the box and it does flow with what a chosen effect or you can just have it static. I do like the control box a lot as it does produce a ton of effects and colours, but there’s three plus sides to it. You can dim the brightness, turn the speed up or down and its also voice activated. Voice activated means that in this case, the control box has a microphone and when you talk or play music, the lights that are displayed will go in time and i think this is so cool. The only downside to using the box, is that you can’t use the software from your computer.

The following two cables, 2.04 slimline 180 and 3.04 wideline 180 are slightly similar. The sizing for both of these LED lights mean they can’t be placed inside because of how big they are, 2.04 is only 1 inch wide compared to the 3.04 which is 2 inches. These ones are actually made more being put outside of the case but used as decorations, you can put them onto the back of your monitor or hang them on the walls. Another thing that is small change from one another is the light exposure, 2.04 RGB light only runs through the middle, while the 3.04 runs through 3/4 sides of the strip so giving more coverage. I honestly love the bigger strip because of how much is being produced, the colours and effects just look amazing, “alien technology” is what i’m going to go by. Us the control box with these are great, especially when you use the microphone, it’s just looks so cool and they are fun to play around with.

The price of these products are not to bad starting from £30 and all the way to £45, i would only recommend these if you are into RGB though, this is only due to the price.

All in all, i do personally like these RGB strips, they’re super cool and i just love how much coverage there is. 2.04 and 3.04 are great to have, just being able to do anything with the strips will look incredible, they will literally light up your room and if you want cool decor for your monitor or your wall then these would just be perfect for that use.