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COLOLIGHT Pro Basic Starter Set – Better Than Nanoleaf ??


COLOLIGHT Pro Basic Starter Set

Enhance your smart home experience with the LifeSmart Cololight Kit

The Cololight is a hexagonal ambient light that supports up to 16 million colours and three vibrant modes. 

It is controlled wirelessly via the Cololight app for both Android and Apple devices. 

This light allows for voice activation with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and can be set to react to music that you are playing.

In my review, I will be reviewing the three-pack, which is £40 and the six-pack cololight pro, which is £80. 

The cololight is for those who would want mood lighting brighter than LED’s but take up less space than a desk lamp and a similar product, the Nano Leaf.

The cololight works with Alexa and its app.

 The app is easy to use and simple to follow steps to get set up, but there are a lot of hidden features that I only discovered after I had recorded the video but to play around with the lights and that I could change everything I want to was great.

COLOLIGHT Pro Basic Starter Set

In the box (of 6) contains the key to power the first light and then transfer light to the additional lights (which is USB 2.0), the stone stand to display your lights, six lights to create a display with and four connectors to put everything together.

In the box (of 3) contains the key, a plastic stand, three lights and a few connectors.

Setting up the lights was comfortable and not as difficult as I thought it might be. 

Slinging the connectors into each hexagonal light wasn’t a challenge, but they’re sturdy and will hold up. 

Connecting the key to the stand in the stone one was simple and straight forward whereas the plastic stand was a little more complicated, but after some time, it was easy enough to figure out. 

When entering the app, they ask for you to create a login which was easy enough and then you have to pair the cololight with your phone which was also simple due to the step by step delivered by the app. 

Once all connected up, it was incredible how much you could do to the lights themselves. 

I enjoyed playing around with the lights and finding new features.

In conclusion, COLOLIGHT Pro Basic Starter Set

I think these are great for when you would like to create either a mural or mood lighting, the multipack helps in getting you started, and once you find out what you can do you’ll be glued to it like I was! I think the overall build quality is excellent and they’ll hold up.
If you’re in the market for something to showcase on your desk rather than boring LED’s, then the £40 to £80 are well spent.