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Antec Prizm 120 ARGB Kit – Glowing or Not !

E-juice starting at $7.99 for a 32ml!

Antec Prizm 120 ARGB kit for If you want to add a dash of colour to your system, Antec have you covered!

With 18 independent RGB LED beads, you can personalize your system to the extreme and give it a new life! 

Your old dull case no longer needs to dampen the mood when you are in your new game. 

Each LED is fully addressable and allows you to enjoy nearly 16.8 million colour combinations.

Antec Prizm 120 Specifications

  • Fan Type: PWM Fan
  • Dimensions (mm): 120*120*25mm
  • Bearing Type: Hydraulic
  • LED Type: Addressable RGB
  • Fan Speed (RPM): 2000 max
  • Airflow (CFM): 45.03 max
  • Air Pressure (mmH20): 2.56 max
  • Fan Noise Level (dBA): 32.6 max
  • Lifespan: 40000 hours
  • Fan Control Box: ARGB Port x5, PWM Fan Port x5, SATA, Mode, External LED CTRL, M/B Style, LED Speed

So, let’s talk about what Antec has said about the Antec Prizm 120 and what types of features they have.

To start with the design, so this fan features a dual-ring, this allows you to be able to display the RGB effects you have chosen on both sides.

It would be quite a beautiful look, this being that if you are really into colours and I mean a lot of colours, then those fans would be for you.

You can have whatever colour or effect you want displaying throughout your case. 

For these RGB lights to work, there are 18 independent RGB beads situated around and inside of the fan. Each LED dot can emit a variety of lighting colours to give you precisely what you want.

For the LED lights to be able to work with the motherboard, you do need a motherboard that can work and be in sync with the addressable RGB LED lighting, as there is up to 16.8 million customised RGB colours and effects that has compatibility to connect with top-end motherboard manufacturers.

The fans come equipped with PWM intelligence; the fan speed automatically adjusts according to the temperature of the case; this can effectively reduce system noise while achieving excellent heat dissipation.

It is an excellent way to ways to keep your case down on a cool computer even when you are running tons of stuff or having a game running which can usually cause it to get sweltering.

These fans have shock-absorbing rubber pads on all four corners, 

this is to protect the fan and also to reduce vibration noise between the fan and the chassis.

Shock absorbents are excellent because if you haven’t screwed in the fans tight enough, the rubber absorbents can protect the fans from getting damaged.

Antec Prizm 120

Okay, so i’m going to start off with how i like these straight out of the box. I just like the look of them, especially how the fans are curved in, this gives off a vibe telling me that they would be able to run pretty well and that they’ll take in plenty of air.

I will say i didn’t actually test out how powerful they are, i was mainly focusing on the RGB for this review, but if you do want to see me test them out, then leave a comment on my video.

There is a software that comes with it but the software that you use for the effects and the RGB lights is the actual software that comes with your RGB motherboard, but if you don’t have an RGB motherboard, you can only use the mode box that is provided.

When it came to setting up the Antec Prizm 120 and getting the RGB to work, it was slightly hard because the instructions are pretty useless and were no help at all.

I had to plug the control box into the back of the computer, but the LED lights still weren’t working.

Took me a while, but to get the RGB to work you have to press reset on the case for the lights to come on.

You then have to hold down the button to then get the RGB LED lights to come through.

Now, this is the first way to get the lights, of course, it can only be that way though for people who don’t have a RGB motherboard,

so you would have to chose the mode you want before put the control box away which can be annoying.

I would say to really only buy these fans if you have an RGB motherboard that way it can be easy to sync them up and do whatever you want instead of having to do it all through the control box.

Once you’ve done going through the mode’s on the control box, you then have to hold down the mode button again for it to then sync with the computer, to which it then allows you to do your own thing.

This whole process does sound annoying because you do have to do a lot before actually being able to use the effects and colours freely.

it’s not something everyone would want to fuss over, as you would want to be able to set this up all quickly without the hassle.

If you do have an RGB motherboard, then i do strongly recommend you use the software on the computer than using the box because again,

it hassle that you don’t want to go through.

In reality, if you have an RGB motherboard, buy these fans, if not then it’s up to you with what you want to do.

The pricing of the Antec Prizm 120 are £59.95, realistically it’s not such a bad price because when you work it out its’s about £10 per fan and the control box.

It’s a really good deal with the price.

I don’t know about my recommendation as this is all down to you and whether or not you want to purchase these fans.

Hopefully the video and this blog can help out with choosing.