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SilverStone LD03 Mini ITX Build PT2 – Hot Or Not ??


SilverStone LD03 Mini ITX Build PT2 – Hot Or Not ??

Well, let’s find out by doing some temp readings, shall we !! This is part 2 of the SilverStone LD03 Mini ITX Build
Coming back to this case after roughly a week, and it has continued to stay silent.

Which leads me to believe that this may be the perfect gaming computer case as it’s small but versatile! However, I’ll be doing a stress test on the CPU and GPU.

I have the Thermaltake ARGB 120mm fans in the case now, a BeQuiet air cooler which is the smaller version, a GTX 10706700K, 16GB RAM and a SilverStone power supply.

We have listed the build in part 1 of the case build that you can read here on our blog!

Probably one of my favourite cases of all long time!

I like the airflow design, which draws from the bottom and rises through the case and out the top, the whole case is well thought out.#

I am blown away at how simple it was to put a build in here!
The cable management is so easy to work with, and the case does an outstanding job of hiding it all.

Now onto the temperature stress test.

Under no stress at all the CPU is between 31-34 degrees Celcius while the motherboard is averaging at about 41 degrees Celcius which is nice and cool with all panels on and screwed in.

We’ll up the CPU usage to 100% and leave it for about an hour to see how cool it can remail and how well it can release all that built up hot air.

After an hour, I am amazed that the case remained at an overall temperature of 64 degrees Celcius.
I Recommend this case with 100% certainty, and this has to be one of my all-time favourite cases!