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Edifier W860nb Bluetooth Headphone Review – SHHHH ANC Headphones!

The Edifier W860NB is an over-ear (circumaural) Bluetooth headphone with artificial-leather earpads and headband, weighing in at just over 10 ounces.

It utilizes 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets to achieve a specified frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz (no tolerance).#

The W860NB offers active noise cancellation.

Four microphones, two in each earcup, sample ambient noise, which is then phase-inverted and mixed with the original signal to reduce the perceived level thanks to phase cancellation. (There’s also a fifth mic for phone calls.)

First, we’ll start with what’s in the box. 

The travel case included has an adorable suede feel to it and is very reassuring to keep your headphones protected.

It feels excellent as its most probably lined with plastic to keep its shape. 

Inside the case includes everything. The mini USB 2.0 to charge the wireless headphones and the double-ended 3.5mm headphone jack is for a wired connection; however we will not be using the wire in this review, As upcoming phones and new tech do not feature headphone jacks. 

The cables kept inside the case are in a small mesh pouch, and the top is lined with velcro to stick to the interior of the case to keep all your cables safe, which is a lovely touch.

Now onto the Headphones themselves, which are NFC enabled and feature ANC.
The right cup has some touch controls for gesture swiping to skip through tracks, increase or decrease volume and to play/pause music.

Below the earcup is an LED indicator which displays power and whether it’s in pairing mode or not. On the left earcup is the NFC, allowing for secure connection to any phone that enables NFC. This ear also has the ANC button below as well as the power button.

The Edifier W860NB as a whole are very flexible, allowing to shape almost anyone’s head; still, they are also durable, so no need to worry about snapping them.

An adjustable headband with padding at the top is covered by what feels like pleather allowing for a lovely feel.

However, the headphones barely fit me, which is terrible news for those of you with a smaller head as they will most probably not fit you all that well or fall off easily.

One more thing about the headphone touch controls,

I found that I have to press quite firmly to use the gesture controls.

Overall my thoughts on The Edifier W860NB are that the vocals (during phone calls) are a 9/10 and the sound is clean.

The bass is punchy, and any Highs are clear, but the volume felt too low to me personally.
Overall £150 for these headphones is a reasonable price and for 25 hours of playtime perfect. ANC is excellent, I couldn’t hear anything other than music, and the aesthetics are personally something I would look choose.
I like these headphones, and they would be something I would pay for, but if you have a smaller head, then I would avoid these.