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Is This CPU Air Cooler, Cool Enough to Cool the 9900K ???

I am taking a look at the new Cryorig C7 RGB CPU air cooler, but it is powerful enough to the cool the beast that is the 9900K? Let’s find out.

Based on one of the best ITX coolers on the market, the C7 RGB adds a 12v RGB Fan to an already stellar performer. With the C7 RGB being a top-flow cooler facing the side panel, once lit up the C7 RGB becomes the lighting centrepiece of any ITX build


The C7 RGB lighting system uses a standard 12v RGB LEDs in its 92mm PWM fan. Plugin the Fan RGB header into either a 12v RGB port on the mainboard or any 12v RGB controller RGB lighting. It is compatible with all significant 12v RGB controllers and boards.

Well, that’s enough on the C7 RBG by Cryorig now let’s talk about the Intel Core i9-9900K and whether or not the C7 RGB is equipped to cool this beast of a CPU. 

The i9 9900K features eight cores for more processing power and effortless multi-tasking the Unlocked feature on this chip allows for overclocking, enabling you to tweak the performance. 

Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology has also increased the maximum turbo frequency of 5.0 GHz, and it features up to 16 MB of cache memory for ultra-smooth gameplay and responsiveness. The 9th gen i9 processor allows you to enjoy excellent gaming and VR experiences.

With the 9900k being Intel’s big FU to AMD’s Ryzen chips, the need for this processor to perform better was paramount. But with some of the 9900k chipsets running hot and needing more cooling we thought we see if one of the underdog CPU coolers that many have not heard of will cool and perform better than the more prominent brand names.

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